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An Introduction to Bicycle Storage

Bike storage Providing safe, secure and sheltered storage for your bicycle is imperative for its well being.

This site aims to provide a guide to all different types of storage available for you, your families or your employee’s bicycles.

Bicycle storage is needed in three main areas and the types of storage that are appropriate to each are quite different, therefore each of these areas can be broken down in to further sub-categories of types of storage.


The three main areas where bicycle storage is essential are:

  1. In the work place
  2. In the home
  3. When your bike is being transported

Bicycle storage for the workplace comes in a number of ways – depending on whether you are the employer or the employee you may have different ideas as to what storage should be provided. If you are a non-cycling employer then it may be an idea to ask your employees what features they would like to see in their bicycle storage.

If you have the room you could have a bicycle storage shed or shelter, if space is limited a bicycle storage rack may be all you are able to provide. Bicycle storage racks come either wall or floor mounted neither is better, the type you choose will be dependent on the space and area that you have available.

Home bicycle storage offers the most choice in terms of ways that you can store your bike. The type of storage you will choose is more than likely dictated by your style of home and the number and size of bikes that you need to store.

If you’ve got a garden or even a bit of outdoor space or a garage then you really do have a lot of options available. A home bicycle shelter can be made from many materials and the material that you choose will be somewhat matched to the value of the bicycles you intend to store in it. A home bicycle shelter made from steel for example will provide the most security but will also cost the most.

Bicycle storage sheds offer without a doubt the best type of storage you can get if this isn’t an option though and space is limited there are a number of innovative ways to store your bicycle(s) on the wall or ceiling.If you do a lot of cycling abroad or would at least like to, then the storage of your bike when it is in transit is very important.

The aim of the storage when your bike is in transit is to protect it from damage and theft – not the elements as in the case of the bicycle storage options – so the considerations are quite different.

This bicycle storage guide will hopefully provide you the information you are looking no matter what requirements you have – whether it is one or multiple bikes that you wish to store.